A history of a Jewish family  whose origin might be in the bible (The  Hebrew name “Shealtiel” is commonly translated as “asked of God.”  It is first recorded in the Bible as the son’s name for the last king of Judea.)

The family  reappears  in the 11th  century in Northern  Spain in Barcelona and Gerona .From there the film traces the family spread throughout Europe, the United States and Israel and to the  1998 family reunion in Thessaloniki  in Greece.

Much of the Shealtiel family remains Jewish, but it embraces individuals of all races, color, religious creed, and national origin.

Presently the Shealtiel family numbers are approximately 2,500 people within 600+ households residing in 30 nations and the family claims  that they “are still finding more”.


Written and directed by Ilan Ziv


1999 Coproduction Ikon TV (Holland), BBC (UK) Channel 1 (Israel )

3X50 min

94 min