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Featured image for “Litigating  Disaster”
Litigating Disaster
December 3, 1984. Bhopal, India. The worst chemical disaster of all time.…
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Featured image for “The Junction”
The Junction
They had little in common in life, but Israeli soldier David Biri and Palestinian Fahmi Abou Ammouneh are linked in death……
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Featured image for “Human Weapon”
Human Weapon
The first sober, in-depth examination of the history of suicide bombing. Filmed in Iran, Lebanon, Sri Lanka, Israel, Palestine, Europe and the United States.…
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Featured image for “The Hundred Years War”
The Hundred Years War
THE HUNDRED YEARS WAR is a sweeping picture of history, changing lives, occupations and displacements on the West Bank, and political division within the Israeli Jewish community. PART I begins…
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Featured image for “Shrine Under Siege”
Shrine Under Siege
Describes the coalition formed by Fundamentalist U.S. Christians and militant Israeli Jews to destroy the Dome of the Rock, Islam’s third holiest shrine, and to build a new Jewish temple…
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Featured image for “Fire In the Andes”
Fire In the Andes
Tells the story of the ongoing conflict in Peru which, to date, has left over 10,000 dead or “disappeared.”…
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Featured image for “People Power”
People Power
The first in depth look at non-violent revolutions around the world.…
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Featured image for “Tango of Slaves”
Tango of Slaves
A Holocaust survivor’s journey to Warsaw becomes the springboard for a meditative essay about history, memory, and their preservation in imagery.…
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Featured image for “On the Edge of Peace”
On the Edge of Peace
Chronicles the first year of the implementation of the Israeli-Palestinian accords as experienced by both Palestinians and Israelis from all walks of life.…
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Featured image for “Yellow Wasps”
Yellow Wasps
Chronicles the Yellow Wasps, a Serbian paramilitary unit operating in Bosnia in 1992.…
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Featured image for “Safe Haven”
Safe Haven
Investigates the possibility of complicity – knowing or not – by the commanders of the United Nations forces in Bosnia in the disaster that befell Srebrenica.…
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