Instinct Films, Point Du Jour and Alma Films


PRODUCED BY INA FICHMAN (Instinct Films/Canada), ARIK BERNSTEIN (Alma Films/Israel) AND LUC MARTIN-GOUSSET (Point du jour/France)
"In his well-balanced and lucidly contstructed documentary....Ilan Ziv provides invaluable perspective and fresh insights while offering an enlightening history lesson with the narrative momentum of an engrossing drama."

"This interesting new documentary manages to present a fairly fresh and unbiased perspective on a controversial history that's been analyzed time and again over the past 40 years. With interviews with insiders and a number of key players, and a wealth of archival footage, Ziv's gripping film is as tense as any Hollywood movie and filled with a cast of larger-than-life personalities."
-TV Guide

"A rich primer on the origins of the Middle East’s enduring tumult, Ilan Ziv’s intricate, propulsive explication of the 1967 Six Day War gives The Battle of Algiers a run for its money. Ziv exhibits archival bravado with his assembly of news footage, slick but unobtrusive reenactments and personal recollections."
- Time Out- New York

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