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Brena Walker, A retired University professor, a wife, a mother, agrandmother and a volunteer for Hilary Clinton, Anderson, S.C.

"I grew up in a very conservative community. I grew up
with John Ashcroft and his brother Bob. My first
election in 1960, I voted for John Kennedy while I was
going to a Baptist all-girls school, but I could think
for myself.  I now live in a very conservative
community. Eighty percent of my friends are not
Democrat. But I still think for myself.
"Hilary has always cared about kids. She worked for
the Children's Defense Fund when she came out of
college, and back when she was the first lady of
Arkansas education was her number one priority and
that's number one for me. That's my major reason for
supporting her. "I've heard her talk about her family's faith and that faith is important in her own life, but she doesn't demand that everyone else follow her messages and is willing to say that.

"I think Hilary scares some people. I've heard people
say they could 'tolerate' Obama more than Hillary --
because of Bill's infidelity and moral scandals.
People here are hung up on the sex issue. It's a
religious issue. To some it's worse than war and
capital punishment, things that have hurt far more
people than anything Bill Clinton ever did."

Red River Meeting House

The Red River Meeting House and Cemetery Association is a non-profit association dedicated to the accurate, and authentic promotion, representation and maintenance of the Meeting House and Cemetery—just as they existed during the Second Great Awakening of 1800.
 “God did wonderful things here says pastor Frank Jarboe and we pray every day for a revival and that God will use this place again.”
 The Second Great Awakening is a religious revival that began in he 1800 in the "frontier " state of Kentucky and swept north and east to eventually include and convert millions of Christians to evangelical churches. The revival is responsible, among other things, to the development of the abolitionist movement and to the growing awareness of women rights.
 "Politicians do not change culture,” says Robert Shearer one of the group's members, “revivals do.Jesus did not seek high office in Rome or called his disciples to run for political office... this is not how you affect change."
 Reenactments have been taking place at the Red River Meeting House for the past 13 years. They feature speakers teaching about social history and religion in the late 18th century. The second weekend in October is the “Primitive Camp Meeting” that features church services each day along with demonstrations of 18th century life on the frontier.


Brena walker, Standing
Maureen Mooney, New Hampshire State Representative 

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