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FEBURARY 4-5, 2008

It is two days before “Super Tuesday,” the day the country learns which two candidates survived the primaries and will represent their parties in the general election in the Fall. We spend these days in Tulsa and Oklahoma City with Rev. Jeff Hamilton and members of the local chapters of Inter Faith Alliance. This liberal ecumenical organization sees itself as a guardian protecting the separation between Church and State. Two days before the primary they will hold a conference on the “ABC's of Advocacy”. The president of Tulsa's chapter, Barbara Santee: “ I was despairing because more mainstream people didn’t see the importance of becoming politically involved (this was when the Christian Coalition was in all its glory). I thought of the idea of training people to become more effective politically”. With the Interfaith Alliance as co-sponsor, they will offer workshops on how to make a personal lobbying visit or hold a precinct meeting --and we’ll be on hand. Interfaith Alliance includes Muslim, Jewish and Hindu members on their board. How do these non-Christian members feel in the shadow of a Christian revival? We watch the results of Super Tuesday in a private home of a non-Christian board member, as the 2008 short primary season comes to an end.

A view of the entire journey.
For more on our characters in Oklahoma please go to Portraits of the Week. For some of the scenes we filmed during our visit, please go to the home page.

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