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JANUARY 10-11, 2008

In New York, we meet Autumn Brown and Sam, a Catholic anarchist couple and their multi-ethnic collective.
“ What does it mean to be a practicing anarchist Catholic? I guess it means, simply, that we are both practicing Catholics as well as practicing anarchists. Our church community is a wonderfully radical Catholic community, very liberated in terms of its relationship to the Catholic faith and the church.” Autumn works in an alternative public health organization. Sam is working on a boat and also on his book “Abrahamic Anarchists” . He traces their tradition to Dorothy Day and her socialist Catholic paper. Autumn and Sam still do not know how they will vote, if at all:
“ Election is both an ineffective way of making group decisions, and also an empty action unless done at the most local of levels or as part of a voter block.”

A view of the entire journey.
For more on Autumn and Sam please go to Portraits of the Week.
For some of the scenes we filmed during our visit, please go to the home page.

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