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JANUARY 26- 28, 2008

It is only days before the state’s January 29th primary vote. We visit the mega church of Rev. Joel Hunter, who belongs to a new generation of leaders who want to expand Evangelical concerns from the core focus on abortion and family values to include the environment, or “creation care” as they call it. They also fight against Aids and combating poverty. Carl Austin is a psychologist, a “Christian therapist” and an activist in Rev. Hunter's church. Sixty-four years old, he voted for the very first time in the 2000 election -- and what a vote it was (Bush versus Gore). He credits his interest in voting to Rev. Joel Hunter and his brand of social activism. Austin is a volunteer who works with the homeless, a work he considers essential to his faith. He is also participating in the church’s many “Creation Care”(environmental) initiatives. Austin plans to vote in the Florida primaries, yet has not decided for which candidate. He considers himself a liberal. We will follow Rev. Hunter, Carl Austin and others all through election night.

A view of the entire journey.
For more on Rev. Joel Hunter and the parishoners in Northland Church , please go to Portraits of the Week. For some of the scenes we filmed during our visit, please go to the home page.

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