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FEBRUARY 1, 2008

In March 2007, Barak Obama travelled to Selma, Alabama to commemorate the anniversary of Bloody Sunday - the day in 1965 when civil rights marchers were beaten in Selma. From the pulpit of the historic Brown Chapel AME , Senator Obama delivered a powerful speech about the need for his generation to overcome its apathy and take action in politics. He compared his generation's task to that of Joshua, the commander of the Israelites who succeeded Moses and occupied the Holy Land.
We will visit the church and talk with its pastor and leading parishioners about the role of religion in the Civil Rights movement and about the meaning of the “Joshua Generation” - a term coined by Barak Obama .

A view of the entire journey.
For more on our visit to Selma, please go to Portraits of the Week. For some of the scenes we filmed during our visit, please go to the home page.

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